About NURI
Our Vision

Research is the key that open the gate towards a wonderful world of creativity. We at NURI are planning to be leader in research and scientific activities both nationally and internationally. We are sure that we can reach our target specially that our research institute is well designed, well equipped, and have a capable research staff with an excellent experience in different research and science activities.

We believe that having research as a creative work undertaken on a systemic basis we will be able to have a country that is free of many diseases hindering its progress and development.

What We Do?
Molecular Biology, Immunology, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Statistical Analysis, Parasitology, Microbiology, Assist in writing proposals and research designing, Assist in grants application and Educational seminars and workshops
Where We Do It?
NURI had very advanced and modern labs and offices located in Elraqi Hospital (9th floor) building in National University, Sudan [NUSU].
Our Mission

- Training teaching staff of the university to various techniques in molecular biology, bio informatics, proteomics and immunology.

- Supervise and assist teaching staff as well as researchers from other academic institutes to perform their research studies.

- Perform regular field surveys to identify various factors causing health hazard.

- Perform regular field surveys to identify and control risk factors of zoontic diseases.

- Establishment of regional and international collaborative research programs and activities.

NURI Values

- Research ethic’s values.

- Fairness

- Honesty

- Objectivity

- Reliability

- Skepticism

- Accountability

NURI Staff Members
Rihab Ali Hamid
NURI Director [director@nuri.nu.edu.sd]
Associate Professor.
Ph.D.: Veterinary Medicine, Parasitology, Molecular Biology University of Khartoum [2006]
Member of the German Society of Veterinary Doctors.... read more
Sofia Bashir M. Ali
Researcher [sofia.bashir@nuri.nu.edu.sd]
Lecturer (Enrolled in Doctorate).
M.Sc in Epidemiology ( Epidemiology of Babesiosis in Human and Cattle in Sennar state) Sudan Academy of Science (SAS) [2011].
Director of Training center in Sudanese Biologist Organization [2015]... read more
Samar Abdelrazeg A. Salih.
Joint [samar.salih@nu.edu.sd]
Msc in Chemical Pathology: Faculty of MLS, Khartoum University [2014].
Published:A Comprehensive In Silico Analysis of the Functional and Structural Impact of Non-Synonymous Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Human KRAS Gene... read more
Abdallah Elssir A. Elhameid
Researcher [abdallah.elssir@nuri.nu.edu.sd]
M.Sc. In Molecular Biology -Institute of Endemic Diseases, University of Khartoum [2015].
M.Sc. research: Identification of New Genetic Markers for Characterization of Sudanese L.donovani Isolates Using RAPD-PCR and Sequencing, IEND [2015]..... read more
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