Who We Are?

NUBRI was established in 2015 as the National University Research Center at the National UniversitySudan to train manpower and build capabilities in molecular biology and bioinformatics. In 2017 the Center was approved as an Excellence of Center and became the National University Biomedical Research Institute (NUBRI) In 2018. Today, NUBRI establishes itself as a worldclass research institute in biomedical sciences with a focus on: Infectious diseases, Genomics, Proteomics, Structural Biology, Drug Discovery, Computational Biology and Data Science


We are committed to achieving outstanding research and innovations that provide efficient diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for greater understanding and interpretation of diseases through fostering environment of research, creativity, risk-taking and open sharable data and knowledge.


NUBRI is dedicated to improving health and quality of life for humankind through achieving the following aims:

  1. Developing knowledge and generating information necessary for understanding molecular mechanisms of disease
  2. Developing diagnostic technologies and medical cures and treatments
  3. Providing resources and training supports for clinical researchers and students that enrich cooperative investigation